Reuniting Afghan and Ukrainian Children and Families

The Lorna Byrne Children’s Foundation is proud to partner with JustRight Scotland to support refugee family reunion work for Afghan and Ukrainian nationals. For those who had already fled Afghanistan and the Ukraine and arrived in the UK, or are going to arrive in the UK, seeking international protection is essential.

Due to the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban and the breakout of war in the Ukraine with Russia, the need for Afghan and Ukrainian nationals to seek and obtain international protection is of the utmost priority. These are both serious humanitarian crises, which bring violence, oppression, poverty, famine and widespread population displacement. In both of these situations, the most vulnerable are children and young people who are navigating the asylum process in the UK and require specialist advice. For those Afghan nationals and Ukrainians already in the UK, attempting to reunite with their family members is an urgent priority. The best way to do this is by accessing safe and legal routes to the UK, like refugee family reunion through the Immigration Rules.

The Lorna Byrne Children’s Foundation are delighted to have donated €10,000 to JustRight Scotland to aid in the support of reunion work for Afghan and Ukrainian nationals families.

Thanks to this valuable donation, we are able to aid in the reunification of Ukrainian and Afghan children and young persons with their families who have been separated by conflict. It is our belief that every child deserves to be safe, happy and healthy. We must always reach out and help where they are.