Improving conditions for indigenous children in Brazil

Day after day, a lack of space for agricultural cultivation; the escalation of violence; lack of rights to basic drinking water, poverty and malnutrition are among the major issues being faced by indigenous families in Brazil.

Our project in partnership with Cimi a long standing human rights organisation aims to assist 2,000 Brazilian children by supporting them in improving their living conditions and enabling them to maintain their traditions. These children and young people survive in about 34 indigenous camps located on the edge of highways, or small parts of their lands in Mato Grosso do Sol, Brazil.

In order to do this, the project will provide essential services to reduce the impact of the humanitarian crisis. It will assist the indigenous children to express their thoughts and feelings about the issues they are experiencing through their lack of land rights, carry out research on the impact of these land shortages on children and young people and support legal representation to help the children fight for their rights.

The Lorna Byrne Children’s Foundation is delighted to partner with CIMI in Brazil to support 2,000 children living in various camps and to assist them in creating compliance with law in regards to their living conditions.