Supporting children living on the street in Amhara, Ethiopia

This project aims to address the needs and rights of 120 street children /teenagers and foster their integration into the educational system or professional training programmes in the Amhara Region, Ethiopia. Working with our charity partner APA – A Partnership with Africa will address the situation of street children /teenagers in a multi-layered approach.

  1. Linking with Street Children/Teenagers– Providing counselling, communication and drama training, behavioural change training and sports activities to address the needs and rights of 120 street children /teenagers and foster their integration.
  2. Coordination with Local Institutions– Working with Government and local institutions to address the issue of vulnerable street children and teenagers.
  3. Capacity Building:Training social workers to understand the specific needs of street children and training community police to understand the needs, fears and challenges facing street children and to increase their protection of them.
  4. Reunification of 20 children with their familiesProviding support for a social worker to assist children who following counselling wish to return to their families and to coordinate the family identification and reunification process into the family.
  5. Educational Support:Providing support to children/teenagers so they can re-enter primary and secondary school and working with older teenagers to identify their interests and develop skills so they can enter technical vocational colleges for training and certification.

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