The Lorna Byrne Children’s Foundation works with a number of local schools in our home place of Ireland.

We have committed to a programme of food provision in a local school for the coming terms. It is widely recognised that food provision is key in supporting attendance, participation, and retention in schools so this project will have far reaching results.

We also work with another local school in Ireland which provides education to children with general learning disabilities within either the moderate or severe range. Many of these pupils have additional needs such as sensory impairments, physical disabilities, and autism spectrum disorder and require very often tailored tools and equipment to help on their school journey. This includes necessary books and pencils but also iPads and educational apps, sensory toys; the list is endless and costly. We are building a bank of these resources to help as many children as possible.

Similarly, we work with a third school in Ireland with children having  physical and sensory impairment. This particular school was able to build a brand new soft play area but didn’t have the funds to buy any the essential sensory toys and equipment. We are helping the school to purchase a bank of these essential resources.

To support the work of the foundation: