Supporting vulnerable children detained in a detention centre in Madagascar

The Lorna Byrne Children’s Foundation is delighted to have partnered up with Mary’s Meals – a global food programme providing a daily meal to 35 children in detention centres in Madagascar for the duration of an entire year, reducing their hunger, increasing well-being, and helping them make the most of the learning opportunities available to them.

Mary’s Meals is a simple solution to world hunger, their vision being that a child receives one daily meal in their place of education. We believe that in this world of plenty, where there is enough food for everyone, this bold vision can be realised.

Mary’s meals are now serving life-changing school meals to over 1.8million children across 19 countries across the world.

Children in these detention centres, some as young as twelve years old, face terrible, overcrowded, unsanitary and life-threatening conditions. These children are in detention centres awaiting trial for minor crimes, like the theft of small amounts of food. Trial dates are not set, and these children are held for lengthy and unjust amounts of time. Consistent provision of food is not guaranteed in detention centres, leaving young children to fend for themselves whilst they await trial, in an extremely vulnerable position.

The World Food Programme outlines the impact that working alongside local communities has when delivering school feeding programs:

“When using locally produced food, school meal programmes can also boost a community’s economy. They create demand for more diverse, nutritious food, and create stable markets, supporting local agriculture, and strengthening local food systems.”

In addition, parents of the children being held in detention centres benefit from being safe in the knowledge that their child will receive a daily meal six days per week as part of our programme, with our partner Mary’s Meals.

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